1. Can u send me computation for 1 bedroom unit 30 sq meters & 37 sq m . Thanks! The sapphire bloc is what i am interested in.

    1. Hello! Thanks for inquiring 🙂 Email sent.

  2. good evening can u send me a info 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom total comp, i am really interested.

    1. Email Sent Ms.Iya 🙂

  3. kailan yung turn over date? Interested aq sa 3bedroom

    1. Good morning 🙂 turnover date is 2016

  4. Hi I’m interested in the 2-br unit. Please send me a quote and requirements if working abroad.

  5. Email sent Rad 🙂

  6. Violeta · · Reply

    Hi, can you pls send me the computation for 1 bedroom ( 33 and 37 sq m). Thanks.

    1. Violeta · · Reply

      In addition to my inquiry, I’m interested in Sapphire Bloc. Thanks.

      1. Email sent Ms. Violeta 🙂 Have a good one

  7. […] Ortigas Center Condo – The Sapphire Bloc. […]

  8. Pls. send me computation for 1-BR unit, 33 and 37 sq.m. of Sapphire Bloc

  9. joan rose · · Reply

    hi please send me details for 2 bed room unit

  10. pls send me details for 1 BR 33sqm at Sapphire bloc. thanks!

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